Assessment mission in Ukraine

Since April 2014, the instability in East Ukraine, characterised by significant political tensions and violent armed conflicts, has led to major displacements of populations both within the country (almost 440,000 persons at 31 October) and to neighbouring countries (over 488,000, primarily to Russia).

Furthermore, the ongoing violence in contested areas has disrupted access to health services.

Many hospitals and clinics have had to be closed – fully or partially – due to a lack of medical supplies and personnel. In addition, displaced populations face difficulty in paying for medical treatment in addition to the costs incurred in their displacement.

Faced with a stagnating crisis, PU-AMI has launched an assessment mission in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, in order to identify priority needs. According to the results of that analysis, actions will be launched to improve the conditions of affected populations.

With the aim of providing assistance to the mission, Tulipe has supplied PU-AMI with 1 paediatric kit, 1 basic adult kit, and 1 emergency kit.

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