Becoming a Tulipe Member

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If you are a pharmaceutical company and would like to contribute to a programme of collective assistance to populations in distress due to acute health crises, natural disasters or conflicts, you can become a Tulipe member.

You know that by joining Tulipe the following will be carried out on your behalf :
– constructive, reactive and targeted donations for emergencies
– follow up in the field to ensure the correct use of donations

By paying a membership fee you enable Tulipe to finance its logistical costs (rental of warehouse where tin trunks of medicines are stored for emergency use, acquisition of empty tin trunks, etc.) and audit missions of our recipient organisations.
Membership fees are determined by companies themselves according to the following revenues-based scale.

Tulipe is recognised a charitable body. A Cerfa form is issued for all membership fees paid, entitling you to deduct 60% of the fee from your taxes, up to a limit of 5/1,000 of your revenues.

In order to send your membershipfee to Tulipe, please contact Nadine Mondor on 01 47 12 08 97 or by email :

Revenues (million euros) Membership fee
Revenues < 15 €2,300
15 < Revenues < 77 €3,100
77 < Revenues < 153 €4,600
153 < Revenues < 381 €7,700
381 < Revenues < 1 billion € €10,000
Revenues > 1 billion € €15,000

Your donations of products must comply with a number of criteria:
•    Products must have a shelf life of over 14 months
•    Products must be included in the WHO’s 15th List of Essential Medicines (except in the case of a specific request by a recipient country)
•    Packaging and formulations must be adapted to emergency transport and use in the relevant countries. To this end, the following products could be refused: products requiring cold storage, psychotherapeutic medicines, effervescent products or suppositories.

You can send us your proposals by fax (01 46 84 04 06) or email ( setting out: your company name, INN, dosage, formulation, expiration date, and quantity.
Tulipe is a pharmaceutical establishment (n° D03/204). Its head pharmacist is responsible for your donation in pharmaceutical terms until it reaches its final recipient. A donor’s certificate is issued for all donations received.


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