Legal Notice

This page sets out the legal considerations that apply to all web users consulting the Tulipe site,
By consulting this site, you accept the provisions of this legal notice unconditionally. As this document may be modified at any time and without prior notice, you are advised to consult it regularly.

1/ Objectives
This site is provided for the following users: the general public, health professionals, students. It is aimed at providing information about Tulipe: its operations, activities, member companies, recipient associations, projects for which support is provided, etc.

2/ Property
The site (hereafter “the Site”) belongs to and is operated by Tulipe, an association under the Law of 1901. Its presentation and each of its elements, including the brands and logos that appear on the Site, are protected by the laws in force with respect to intellectual property, and either belong to Tulipe or their use has been authorised by recipient associations or member companies.
It is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, modify, re-publish, alter, transfer or distribute any element of the Site in any manner or any form whatsoever, in part or in whole, without Tulipe’s prior written permission.
Only copying for personal, private and non-commercial use, on your personal computer, is authorised.
The following term must be included in any authorised copy of all or part of the Site’s content: “© Tulipe”
Any authorised used of the elements that make up or are included in the Site must be undertaken without altering, modifying or changing that element in any manner whatsoever.
Tulipe reserves the right to take legal action for any infringement of its intellectual property rights.

3/ Links to other sites
In order to facilitate access to other sites which could provide supplementary information, Tulipe has inserted a certain number of links in this Site. Nevertheless, Tulipe cannot be held responsible for third party sites accessed through this Site. Tulipe has no control over the content of such third party sites. Moreover, Tulipe is not responsible for the availability of those sites, their content, advertising content, or other elements included in those sites.
Tulipe cannot be held responsible for the content of any sites that contain a hypertext link to the Site. The use of those sites is a matter entirely for their respective editors. The content of those sites may have been modified unbeknownst to Tulipe. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to take the necessary precautions to prevent contamination of the Site notably by any virus(es).

4/ Personal data
The Site is exempt from the obligation to make a declaration to the French Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés-CNIL), by virtue of Law N°78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data processing, data files and liberties, and in accordance with Deliberation N°2006-138 of 9 May 2006 relating to exemptions from declaration for external information or communication material (Exemption N°7).
In accordance with the Law on Data Processing, Data Files and Liberties of 6 January 1978, you have a right of access, rectification and deletion of any personal data that relates to you.
Tulipe undertakes not to disclose to any third parties any personal data that relates to you which you may have communicated to it by electronic means. Such data will only be used to provide you with an effective response.
Any data collected will only be used by Tulipe and its service provider responsible for the functioning of the Site, and will not in any case be communicated to third parties. You can obtain comprehensive information on all of these issues by contacting the Site’s webmaster.

5/ Availability of the web site
Tulipe and/or its suppliers may, at any time, modify or interrupt, on a temporary or permanent basis, all or partial access to the Site in order to undertake maintenance and/or improvements and/or modifications. Tulipe is not responsible for any modification, suspension or interruption of the Site.

6/ Legal notice
> Editor:
Tulipe, 15 rue Rieux, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt
> Head of Publications:
Christine Perrier, Director

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Filnet –
88 rue du Mont Cenis, 75018 Paris
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