Tulipe and the GIACM: medicines for Mali and Lebanon

To provide support to doctors from the GIACM (Joint Civil and Military Cooperation Organisations), currently present in conflict zones in Mali, Niger and Lebanon, Tulipe has dispatched 14 emergency kits containing antibiotics, antiparasitics, painkillers and consumables (compresses, sutures, bandages, dressings, syringes, etc.).

Composed of army, air force or marine members, the GIACM helps to reinforce local healthcare facilities, which often lack medical staff and resources. It provides medical assistance to local populations, notably in conflict zones that represent too great a risk for other NGOs.

Tulipe has already provided support to the GIACM in previous years, by donating medical products for use in Afghanistan or Kosovo.

For further information: http://www.tulipe.org/giacm-groupement-inter-armees-des-actions-civilo-militaires/

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